About Us
About Us
Memovia transforms everyday photos into a remarkable, custom-made video.
Ever wish you could do more with your pictures but don't have the time or experience? Have boxes of photos gathering dust in the attic or a computer full of digital images that you never look at? Memovia Studios is here to help unlock those special memories. Our team of professionals will transform your most precious photos into a multimedia experience that will delight and entertain you, your friends and your family for years to come.

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Who We Are
Founded in 2007, Memovia Studios is a digital media company specializing in turning people's treasured memories into distinctive, custom productions. Memovia is headquartered in Switzerland with an office in the United States and employs a team of creative professionals focused on helping customers remember the special times in enjoyable and imaginative ways.

Memovia Studio's founders are just regular folks who love to take pictures and share them with friends and family. They found taking pictures was the easy part, but they also wanted to share memories with others in an engaging way that tells a story—not just share a slideshow. After searching for alternatives, the founders discovered there were plenty of low cost, basic slideshow options on one end and expensive videos costing thousands of dollars on the other, but nothing that fit their needs.

So, they set out to create Memovia Studios, a company that produces high quality, professional videos and DVDs at a reasonable price. Memovia's mission is to turn ordinary pictures into extraordinary memories that can be shared with others for a lifetime
Customer Service
Service is at the heart of everything we do. If you would like to discuss a custom video production (something other than what you have seen on the website) please contact sales@memovia.com or call us at 888-MEMOVIA.

If you are an existing customer, please e-mail customer service at customercare@memovia.com or call 888-MEMOVIA. Our offices are open
Are you looking for a place to unleash your creative talents? If so please send us a copy of your resume jobs@memovia.com
Memovia Studios is currently seeking external investment to expand our business offering. Interested investors should contact investors@memovia.com
Contact Information
Memovia Studios USA, Inc
P.O. Box 7595
Tacoma, WA 98417
Terms & Conditions
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